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« L’Addictée » will give you the chance to hear and read so as to get to grips with an unprecedented argumentative and explanatory text that is committed and which generates reactions, debates and thus enables you to develop new ideas.

Any argumentative text is an advocacy tool.

There will be a great number of discussions all turned towards the environment and our responsibility as citizens to respect it. There will be plenty to highlight the particular cause to defend and encourage environmental awareness; the need to protect and preserve the natural world.

Choosing a dictation that needs to be read (then reread) out loud in a formal and intelligible manner in front of an attentive and thoughtful group of people taking notes, will give each and every person involved the chance to feel they are invested in a totally original way. Good manners are necessary (perfect elocution and listening with utmost attention).

The very fact that the dictation will be read by a famous literary or environmentalist personality puts even more emphasis on the text and its ideas; and this is anything but negligible.

The aspect of ˝challenge˝ and ˝the zero mistake objective; or at least as few mistakes as possible ˝ means that the text needs to be read and reread many times; this in turn calls for permanent reflection, shining a spotlight onto both the argumentative text and its ideas for protecting the environment.

All of this makes the arguments easier to remember. Upon completion of this dictation (the choice of text being particularly important), participants should be in a good position to develop their arguments ready for a potential debate.

A fun and entertaining time

The dictation also has the advantage of being fun (it is not in a formal educational context). It is more like a game and a good way of bringing different generations together so they can enjoy a friendly festive experience.

The particular themes chosen for the texts contain very specific vocabulary; both aspects help « l’Addictée » to encourage both environmental awareness and the will to adopt a different lifestyle in these difficult times.

A two-fold grammatical exercise

There is almost a parallel that can be drawn between French grammatical rules used for better and precise writing and the rules on how to be a responsible citizen and take care of our planet without making mistakes. We need to aim for zero mistake environmentalism.

It is a really good summary exercise, a good way of condensing all the information about environmental concern.

All participants will be able to join in with the discussion that will take place after the dictation so as to compare mistakes and hence use the specific environmental terminology environment. Literature, games, education, vocabulary, personal reinvestment, memory, and festivity….all you need for a unique and unprecedented EVENT.

So get out your paper (recycled of course!) and your pencils (with low carbon footprint of course!)

This page’s translation was done by the translator Johanne Bresch for the PerMondo project that involves providing free translations for NGOs. This initiative is sponsored and run by the translation agency Mondo Agit.