As part of our continuing studies at The Baseline research centre, our latest project focuses on how to convey the concept of climate change through the use of imagery.


The origins of the project:

This investigation has been directly inspired by the work of Climate Outreach, an Anglo-Saxon laboratory whose study Climate Visuals was published in the form of an online image bank. Carried out in Germany, the UK and the United States, the project puts forward a series of seven key factors to advise communicators on how best to utilise climate visuals in their everyday work.

We are thrilled at the prospect of being able to provide advice to our ‘Narrators for change’ community and are working in partnership with Climate Outreach to extend their work and generate new thinking on the subject of climate visuals.



A multi-cultural study:

In order to truly bring new value to the Anglo-Saxon study, we have chosen to expand our scope of research to francophone countries, namely France, Canada and Morocco. We will make the most of international events to meet with experts, professionals and citizens of other countries, collecting data and testimonies on-site and it is in this sense that we will be working during the World Social Forum in Canada and as part of the COP22 in Morocco.



Help us collecting imagery!

If this study is to be lead with different experts and subject specialists, it is essential to us that we work in co-operation with one of the fundamental components of Place To B: co-creativity. You can now help us by collecting photographs that motivate you to fight against climate change: which images have inspired you to act or would encourage you to act in the future?

Email us at this address:

These images can come from social networks, blogs, websites- you can have even spotted them in the street or taken them yourself!

We would however be very grateful if you could adhere to the following advice:

  • Please clearly state the source of the image when you it email to us (web address, author, name of the issuing organisation…)
  • Please also state your age or year of birth, gender and occupation. You can also let us know in a few words how this image has affected you.

>> Please send us your contributions via email- we will use them for our investigation! <<

The Baseline


Video as means of popularization:

We hope that the results of this study will be seen and utilised by as many people as possible and it is for this reason that we have chosen to employ interviews and video testimonials. We will interview academics and researchers, as well as image specialists (photographers, studios and agencies), communications professionals and journalists.


Multidisciplinary research:

Throughout our work, we will be accompanied by various specialists and academics:

  • Valérie Martin, Head of the Communication and Information Department at ADEME
  • Régis Olagne, Client Account Manager at BVA
  • Alain Mergier, Semiologist and Socioloigist
  • Mickaël Dupré, Doctor of Environmental Social Psychology
  • Chantal Derkenne, Advanced Technologies and Research Departments at ADEME



Study partners:

We thank our partners for their indispensable contributions:

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If this study interests you and you are willing to lend us a hand, please contact us!


This page’s translation was done by the translator Claudia Wakefield for the PerMondo project that involves providing free translations for NGOs. This initiative is sponsored and run by the translation agency Mondo Agit.