Place to B considers itself an actor in its own right in the new stories of the climate and ecological transition. We have a variety of areas of expertise that allow us to help other organisations in their information and communication projects, as well as at events with shared values and common goals.



Creative Factory

Installed at the start of Place to B during COP21, the aim of the Creative Factory is to create a new story about the climate. Artists, poets, actors, activists and journalists have come together to imagine new ways of communicating about the climate.

The involvement of artists and designers in both the realization and in the thought process alongside workshop participants has been acclaimed, with many participants describing the Creative Factory as “transformational” for their work.

Creativity can neither be controlled nor predicted. There is no way to guarantee the production of a space dedicated to the generation of ideas. We can only bring together good conditions, expertise, an inspiring atmosphere and the tools to allow the process to take hold and hope that this fusion will give light to a creative spark.

Place to B furthers the Creative Factory experience by using these principles as guidelines. We develop and host workshops focusing on the potential of collaborative and multidisciplinary work to improve communication around the climate and ecological transition. We bring together mentors and participants from a variety of backgrounds and of complementary expertise, producing innovative contents to be shared as widely as possible.



Creative Factory

We organise and produce audiovisual programmes for events from the COP21 Place to Brief to Place to B’s new project “Les Alchimies”.

Thanks to our partnerships with audiovisual production experts, Place to B events are captured in professional quality and can be live streamed and shared with numerous partners to attract online viewers as well as those attending. Place to B’s expertise shows particularly in the creation of its productions which surpass the usual conference model. We focus a large part of our efforts on inviting complementary and original speakers (broadcasters, scientists, intellectuals, artists, members of the public, opinion leaders), allowing them to exchange, interact with the public and to together produce a new discourse about ecological and transitional problems that is positive, interesting and surprising.



Creative Factory

Place to B and its ideas lab, The Baseline, work in numerous fields at the intersection of environmental communication, traditional media, climate negotiations and even the creation of communities.

We share this expertise with partner organisations and members of our network, Narrators for Change. Do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements or questions.



Creative Factory

Our dynamic Place to B Connect aims to facilitate Place to B events in France and around the world.

We receive numerous requests to take part in events of partner organisations sharing our values.

Always looking to go beyond the usual conference format in order to create new and surprising spaces for speeches and discussions, we can co-create Place to B events within your own events that will allow our different communities to meet and new stories to unfold.


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