Place to B is at the crossroads between media, ecology and collaborative economics, working to unite, study and share information about climate change and the ecological transition.

Our mission - Place to B


On the sidelines of COP21, Place to B gathered a community of “narrators of change” in Paris from a variety of backgrounds (journalists, speakers, artists, designers, researchers, etc.). We decided to extend this by creating the “Narrators for Change” network.
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The Baseline is a place of observation and a laboratory of ideas whose aim is to facilitate the understanding of scientific studies to enable better communication around climate change and environmental challenges, in order to move from traditional communication to a real change in public attitudes.
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Ensuring everyone has access to the fruits of our labour and the work of the community is one of our priorities. Feel free to explore the site, come and meet us, follow us on social networks and contact us for more information.

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