Anthropocene : CROP21 and the Natural Revolution

Publié le 13/11/2015

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Our system is crying and the living is dying
So plant a seed of love in the soil to heal the world…

Welcome to the grand narrative of the Anthropocene
With the imperative of a more sustainable scene
From the Theory of Darwin to creating new cleaner dreams
With no human extremes nor growing nuclear schemes.

Green tech and free space, a modern view of our planet,
Bankruptcy of a model, harmony with our nature,
The “Overview Effect” teaches us to be loving Earth in fact
From Gaia and the Earthlings to Karma with the living.

Modernity promised us last century peace in the world,
But the economy and progress threw us in pieces in a war.
1% of us produce more greenhouse effect than the rest,
We are now facing a decisive climate crisis so please: S.O.S.!

Has humankind lost her mind, are we blind or are we kind?
Can’t we learn from the signs of past errors from behind?
From the research of Einstein to the end of our time,
What will we maybe find if we eventually cross the line?

Our ecological footprint and our indecent food link,
Our embodied energy also known as “Emergy”,
Classic philanthropy or innovative “Enthropy”?
Infinite growth versus finite resources: Inepsy!

The “Great Acceleration” in 1945
From the North created more pollution than ever.
Now the South rises and we are skyrocketing high
To our grave, so what will be our answer?

Co-creation together or regulation forever?
Concert of nations to save the Earth
Or humans in action with our conscience?

“Love or Hate”, we cannot negotiate!
We can still “share and care” to save our fate!

About the globalized magic of Technocene,
Embodiedness, indigenous lands and connection to our body,
What is the role of money and evergrowing technology
When we look at climate ideology and social inequalities?

From the search for fossil fuels to the global goods accumulation,
The steam power, industrialization, exportation and digitalization,
Onto tomorrow maybe moral implications and interpersonal relations,

Are we living a 4th Revolution? Can we call it the “Natural Revolution”,
Where humans and the living are connected in a common evolution?
Our babies, sons and daughters, will normally still be alive in 2100
And our human essence is to go far, not fast like a car, from 0 to 100.

Yesterday, the “free market agenda” was supposed to liberate humans.
Yes but hey, we now know without a doubt that it alienates our hands.
The love of money and greed is still the root of our evil,
Weren’t we all created equal to live on Earth as a whole?

We succeeded in producing an ozone layer hole,
So let’s engage in osmosis with the cosmos.
The Earth is alive and always in labor,
So the future starts today and not later.

C(R)OP21 will be remembered as the time when we won,
So plant a seed of love in the (s)oil and make it grow all over the world.
The civil society unites in a (m)arch, so may governments play their part!

Utopianism or Humanism? Capitalism or End-of-ism?
Demand to change the system with human inner visions
And may the light of the sun shine on our nature with wisdom.

Author: Vincent Avanzi, A Human Odyssey 


Conference : Capitalisme, néolibéralisme et anthropocène – avec Christophe Bonneuil (Centre A. Koyré, CNRS/EHESS/ MNHN) Penser l’Anthropocène : âge de l’homme, faillite de la modernité naturaliste ou capitalocène ? et Emanuele Leonardi (Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal) on Biopolitics of climate change, for a critique of carbon trading as a neoliberal regime of truth.

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