S.H.A.R.E. A poetic tale to embrace the world

Publié le 22/05/2015

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OuiShare Festival 2015: Live Poetic Recap by Vincent Avanzi

My name is Vincent Avanzi, I’m a modern day poet,
I represent A Human Odyssey and as we say in this country, “c’est la vie”
Let me bring a little bit of poetry in this new sharing economy, to recap this amazing day.

All right, so pay attention and picture this for one second,
Imagine a new world of cyberculture and digital utopianism,
A roadmap full of stock holders and capitalism,
A planet of full of robots and radicalism, lock in assets and monopolism.

Hum I’m not convinced. Let me try again :
OK, instead, take a deep breath, connect yourself to your Overview Effect
And enjoy that free concert of silence,
And picture a beautiful sound of freedom in a peaceful house of wisdom,
Full of arts, culture and inclusive happytalism with a simple touch of nature and humanism?

How does that sound? Better hein?
Essential question, like the empowerment of the civil society,
Where all the citizens of the world live in dignity in their wildest variety,
Loving and sharing as the one true pure jewelry in a collaborative city.
The majority of us innovating with no sign of property.
Because what is prosperity without a feeling of solidarity?

Me, I will never trade a soul for a priceless diamond ring
Why? Because I still have those same heaven dreams
That I had when I was a kid and I still believe so much in human beings.
And I know for a fact that a man without dreams
Is like a bird without wings.

So should we maximize our earnings or optimize the living?
Where do you think this is going to lead?
No need to be politically correct if in the end the karma of open data isn’t clean.

Ouishare, my friends, I thought about it
And I guess the 5 letters S.H.A.R.E. must stand for :
Sustainable Human Alternative Redistribution Economy

Yes and now that makes more sense to me.
I mean, what is the “1%” (of the rich) and one person
When we can have One World sense consciousness.

But will we really share? We’re together here with no backstage
And the book of the future is not written till the last page.
Earth is a privilege we manage until humanity is on edge,
And as Gandhi said: “let’s make the change we want to see” in this place.

Cooperation over competition and sincere human communication,
Because if the heart doesn’t lie how can we ever get lost in translation
Over a mere and simple financial transaction?
Food for thought between 2 worlds in transition.

Wealth accumulation, unregulated globalization,
Healthcare and climate change, COP21, Place to B – Corporation,
Let’s change that direction,
Because since when have consumption and pollution
Become the only means of satisfaction?

And if their absence is a disruption to the big market equation,
I guess no private ownership and more political ethical leadership may be a solution,
From the Napsterization of the economy down to its current Uberization.

But how do we get out of that matrix and when will leaders finally be pacific artists
To see the ray of hope shine in an optimistic and altruistic spirit?
Free-lance job opportunities, it’s not now that we’re going to abort unity.
This is no collaborative bullshit, this is supposed to be a real alternative fullshift.

AirBnB, peer-to-peer new economy, where the crowd is the capital and the company,
Reinventing democracy, believing in miracles and community in this post-capitalism society.
Open technology, Millenials, Youthwecan, Generation XYZ,
From here down to 2050, we are that “10% society”!

I mean, what’s more important: a highly profitable business model
Or a new role model for business that is acceptable and accessible for all?
From traditional industries to ones that have become sustainable,
Are we finally going to be able to say : the world is not to be sold ?

Look, we don’t need a car, we just need to get to this place.
And we don’t need a drill, we just need a hole in that space.
So why own when we can share, why buy when we can lend?
Maybe consumption will be a thing of the past in the end

As we went from 20th century passive consumers and electors,
To 21th century creators, hackers, makers, collaborators, financers and providers.

So let’s wake up the mass, just get up and fight,
Change the world together, forever, for better and for good,
Not for goods, for good and for public good.
And for us, because at the end of the day, the purpose of life for us
Still remains the pursuit of happiness.

And then we can contemplate a new sharing economy on the way,
Knowing secretly that capitalism might just one crisis away.
We want to be able to work and play and not just pay,
So let’s embrace the world, because tomorrow still starts today.

We don’t want More money! More money! More money! before leaving.
We just want more loving, more giving, more caring in the heart of living.
This was just a glimpse at the flow in the rainbow of positive energy,
Because a sharing wisdom gifted economy is the first step towards a world full of harmony,

As Napoleon Hill once said “A goal is a dream with a deadline.”
And the revolution will definitely not be centralized,
Born to be alive and fly high in the skies in the heart of mankind,
Life is a journey into the present of the future, so bon voyage…

Thank you and have a great evening,
And tomorrow will be another magical day to keep searching
For that World Wide Win Win!

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