Ambitious and ever faithful to the COP21 experience, Place To B wants to continue innovating in a multi-disciplinary way through a community that develops narratives about our changing world.

Transforming the world

Thorsten Wiesmann is a Meditation Facilitator who has published books and several articles on the topic of social change and transforming the world.

News myth for a vibrant future

Why is it so hard to mobilize towards climatic threats? Why do medias speak so bad about ecology. Let’s imagine a new myth.

Storytelling & Ecology #6 Vaia Tuuhia

Vaia Tuuhia, General Delegate of 4D association, tells Eve Demange how the project OurLife21 helps citizens to imagine how to succeed in life as a family in 2050.

Meet Livia, one of our COPilot

Livia sent us a beautiful picture, inspired by Place to B. I decided to ask her a few question to know more about her !