Civil society speaks up at the Climate Generations areas

Publié le 03/12/2015

“We decided to set up a space that highlights the role and importance of civil society in the negotiations,” said Ségolène Royal during the inauguration of the Climate Generation areas. Nearly 345 organizations are present and 390 meetings will be held over the next ten days. This space is intended to foster dialogue between civil society and negotiators. Open to the public, Climate Generations raises climate change awareness among citizens and shows them that they can take action at their level.

In addition to the presence of major organizations like Coopération Sud and the Nicolas Hulot Foundation, other original and artistic initiatives are also on offer at Le Bourget.


This is true in particular for Art of Change 21, an association created just over a year ago by Alice Audoin, a resident of Place to B. In November 2014, she organized a brainstorming session with 21 artists and young climate leaders from twelve different countries. The idea was to devise creative projects around COP21 and future COPs. One of the projects is the “MaskBook” workshop, which uses anti-pollution masks to make creative masks. The materials used for the masks come from recycled items, which are sometimes salvaged from trashcans.

Solar Sound System

Another initiative, “Solar Sound System,” allows people to party without using energy resources. Designed in Lausanne in 1999, this sound system runs on renewable energy: solar panels and human energy, thanks to electricity-producing bicycles. The idea is to create an energetic and participatory experience while raising public awareness about the energy transition. The group will come to Place to B on Saturday, December 5th.

There are many such positive initiatives at Le Bourget. They help us to envision a future where citizens, and artists especially, have a role to play. The struggle against climate change will not be fought without them.

Author: Marine Leduc

Translation: Alix Kashdan/Martine Steyn

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