Meet the Creative Factory’s team

Publié le 24/09/2015

The new team was assembled this summer with the arrival of Ophelia Noor in june, followed in august by Chris Aldhous and David Holyoake from the british collective Forever Swarm and last, in september, with Tiphaine Bonnier as an assistant to the team. The Nod-a team is still around as advisors and will get their hands dirty with all of us during the event.

The talented Forever Swarm

We are excited to welcome the talented Forever Swarm team, Chris & David, whose purpose and vision is in line with our vision of a new storytelling convenant on climate change. The Forever Swarm organization is an international collective or artists and experts whose purpose is “to reveal new truths, conceive fresh narratives and powerful counter-arguments, and articulate and mobilise a more mainstream audience so that the world at large can embrace an alternative vision of the way things can be”.

The factory workshops as well as the rest of the Place To B event will be using english as the international language. People from all over the world are already booking rooms at the Inn above the Belushi’s headquarters and we are looking forward to creating new materials with all of you during these two weeks.


© 2015 ForeverSwarm / Design & illustration by Poetry

What happens next ?

We will get back to you with the daily programme and a lovely how-to guide around the October 13th press conference. Chris and David will be back that day for another work session #IRL and the press conference, a good opportunity to meet with them.

Mid-october, we will launch the call for applications to the Factory. The number of seats per day will be limited to 30 people. So get ready !

The team team team

Ophelia Noor  has been working on digital and urban cultures since 2010, with a focus on hackers and makers communities. Co-author of the book “FabLabs, etc. The new digital fabrication spaces” published in 2015 by Eyrolles, she is the co-founder of the DIY fairs “Open Bidouille Camps” and member of the Graffiti Research Lab France.lShe also worked as a journalist for the digital cultures and datajournalism pioneer magazine OWNI.FR.

Chris Aldhous is a writer, curator and creative director. He began his creative career in advertising subverting traditional marketing campaigns to expose sexism in football and promote the legalisation of cannabis for medical use. He championed open source creativity in such international art projects as HYPE and Ghosts of Gone Birds as well as launching the multi-platform Talking Peace Festival for International Alert in 2014. He has provided strategic creative thinking for a range of organisations across the NGO and social causes sector including ActionAid, WaterAid, Bollocks to Poverty and Global Campaign for Education.


© 2015 ForeverSwarm / Design & illustration by Poetry

David Holyoake is co-founder of Forever Swarm, the new cross border creative community seeking to combine artists with expert thinkers to help spark the mainstream cultural response to climate change and system change debates.  Having working across several disciplines, he is an expert and advocate in climate change policy who formerly worked on a variety of legal campaigns for EU environmental activists ClientEarth. David also has a long standing arts background: an Associate Artist of the Australian Music Centre; a composer who is passionate about harnessing the collective power of the arts in the fight against climate change.

Tiphaine Bonnier is a lawyer in environmental law, a blogger on Climate Change and a legal writer. Passionate about sustainable development, she went to Canada to work on the protection of  the Great Lakes and in North Africa to study the possibilities of solar energy in the desert. She is an active member of several organizations among which the french think tank Kervegan Institute. She will participate to the Place To B project as a coordination assistant and facilitator at the Creative Factory.

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