Maskbook mobilizes through the mask, a universal symbol

Publié le 22/06/2015

The mask, an efficient medium

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A Maskbook workshop, during a race for climate, on 7th of June.

Met in conclave, the 21 personalities chosen by Alice Audouin, founder and conductor of Art of Change 21, did not come out until they had found “concrete actions for citizens to mobilize for climate.” The Maskbook project is one of the initiatives that has managed to set an agreement between artists, entrepreneurs and youth committed to the climate in November, 2014.

The main objective: collecting thousands of masks made by artists and citizens. A gallery will then be available online, and a monumental screening will be set during the COP21. By then, workshops will be held all over France (Fablabs, Ressourceries…) to encourage citizens to create their mask, by customizing an anti-pollution mask or creating it from scratch.

The eight artists Art of Change 21 will also create their own. And for those who do not want to do practical work, an application will soon be launched.

Maskbook has managed to please 21 persons thanks to several advantages,” says Alice Audouin. First, anyone can participate. “The mask is a universal cultural symbol that all civilizations use to express themselves and divert a reality. The anti-pollution mask is used as a medium. ”

A positive and fun work

The project also illustrates the link between personal interests, our health, and a collective interest: the fight against climate change. “Rather than a negative and moralizing speech, we show that you can be interested both in yourself and climate.” Furthermore, it’s recreational and educational as it provides food for thought:” With our masked selfies, we play on a use for our daily life and self-representation. ”

With Maskbook, Art of Change 21 will reach an international audience. “We will also organize events abroad, especially in China, concluded the founder of Art of Change 21 because we can not do without this country on these issues. And the anti-pollution mask is a symbol that is particularly important there! ”

To publicize and finance, the association has also launched a Crowdfunding campaign on the platform Kickstarter on the US, recently launched in France. Deadline to participate: 25 June!

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